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Real Estate Professionals with over 25 years experience serving St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. Clients say: If you want something done, ask a busy realtor. The Johnson Group has successfully sold over 1500 homes because they carefully work with their clients to create successful solutions and make the process as smooth as possible. Her team gives only the best-personalized service to each of their clients every single time.

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Florida Real Estate Current Market Trends June 2020

At the Johnson Group, it's our goal to be as much of a resource to you as possible. To help keep you informed with the current status of the market, we have attached a video below with some current

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The Average Cost To Buy A Home Is Less Than You Think!!

Why The Average Cost To Buy a Home Is Less Than You Think! Thinking you need a huge amount of cash on hand to purchase a home is one of the most common misconceptions in real estate. Most

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How Has Coronavirus Impacted Mortgage Rates?

How has Coronavirus impacted mortgage rates?Coronavirus has impacted our lives in ways we could have never anticipated. Many people that were in the process of purchasing a home opted to wait, but

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3 Reasons To Sell Your Home Now

Now is the time to sell! With Coronavirus continuing to keep the nation locked down, and Florida on the path to re-open now is the time to sell your home. Florida has seen a surge of Buyers

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